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Coaching Blocks

If there is one thing I am convinced of by the successful launch of The Dental Success Network of Dr.Mark Costas and the Delivering Wow community of Dr.Annisa Holmes. The long term,high dollar,consulting retainer will become a much more difficult sell.The ability to have subscription based groups and smaller virtual projects,such as my virtual implementation track,will drive a tremendous amount of cost efficiency. With their leadership as inspiration, I am introducing "coaching blocks" where you may purchase blocks of time (2 hour minimum) to address specific targeted areas of concern.Your topic,your choice.

My playbook is deep. I have written 2 books on practice management and 2 on oral wellness and I am in the process of writing  #5, "The Skinny Startup"'

Potential Topics could include:

  • Any stage of start up protocols

  • Transition strategies

  • Implementation of Advanced Hygiene


Lets schedule a chat, the first call is free!  

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