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The Hygiene Hackers Community


The Community

THE PEOPLE: The most progressive minds in Dentistry.

Want to become a better dentist, dental hygienist, team member? Simple, then hang around smart people. Your CIRCLE. They say that you're the average of the 5 closest people around you -- so get close to the most progressive minds in dentistry and you are guaranteed to level up. Learn thru osmosis. Get feedback on what you are working on. Brainstorm changes and get your questions answered. It is your support group. We're here for you.

THE PLATFORM: Not on Slack or Facebook

Look, to each their own. But personally, I think Slack and Facebook groups are absolutely terrible mediums for communities. Slack is too noisy and the threading makes it near impossible to have conversations. Facebook groups are impersonal, and well..., it's Facebook. The CIRCLE platform is a truly revolutionary community experience that facilitates asynchronous interaction (so you never miss out) and has just enough organization to help you stay on top of things. (so you don't have to filter through all the noise). 

AMA (ask me anything): Your questions answered by experts. 

 We have created Hygiene Hackers CIRCLE COMMUNITY to assist you in the implementation of proven, predictable strategies. It is a safe, exclusive place to ask specific, detailed questions. Get access to experts who can give you insight and direction. Our regularly scheduled webinars and video meetings keep engagement high and you will meet people from all over the world in this truly first-of-its-kind dental community. You won't find more comprehensive content with cutting-edge strategies and tactics anywhere else. And it works. We have some of the most compelling testimonials in all of dental coaching


If you are ready to jumpstart your hygiene department, make new discoveries, expand your network, and elevate your potential. The journey starts Here! 




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Who is behind this?

Hygiene Hackers Study Club was founded by Dr. Tom Larkin, Sue Rusalen RDH, and Tosha Kozloski RDH.

What if I decide that membership is not for me after I subscribe? 

We would be happy to issue a refund within 7 days of your subscription.

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