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Oral Systemic Laser Conference

Oral Systemic Laser Conference - Friday April 26, 2019 - Lexington Kentucky

We are pleased to announce a first of its kind one day conference that ties the latest science of the oral-systemic connection to the unique applications of the Fontona Lightwalker NdYAG/ErYag combination laser.

The Two Stories Driving Social Media Will Be Addressed Head On!



The two messages could not be more diametrically opposed. One, with the intention of creating drama thru mis-information and inuendo. The other, a potentially paradigm shift in the medical/dental approach to Alzheimers diagnosis and treatment. Many people who I have spoken to, read this article as a direct CAUSAL relationship between porphyromonas gingivalis and Alzheimers. In both instances I see the dentist as winning big time. Because the conversations have been initiated.

We could not be more pleased with the timely appearance of Dr.John Carrano at this conference. Dr.Carrano is the CEO of Paratus Diagnostics and has been working for years on a point of care, chair side test for various pathogens. And the first generation of test available later this year has a particular focus on porphyromonas gingivalis. Good call John! He will be presenting on point of care salivary diagnostics and how this can potentially change the practice if dentistry. 

 I have known that the "root canal story" was a potential source of controversy for years and I have approached this subject very carefully and advised other thought leaders in the oral systemic space accordingly. I am not at all surprised that this came up in such an explosive manner. I predicted it would. The difference for me was, I was prepared. When I met David Williams of Fotona Lasers several years ago, he began to show me the periodontal use of their Twinlase Technology. He assumed since I was presenting on cardiovascular prevention,that my only focus would be on gum disease. The use of their laser for periodontal disease and peri-implantitis is well established. But he was wrong. My attention was drawn to their ENDODONTIC  disinfection technology (PIPS and SWEEPS) because it looked like a phenomenal upgrade to traditional disinfection approaches and it gave me a really important message. A message of hope through superior technology! It is one thing to bring the level of awareness to the profession of a potential problem (failed root canals), but it is equally important to draw a direct road map as to a potential solution. I saw it then and believe it to this day. Do not miss the opportunity to see for yourself. 

The Messages Of This Conference Are So Important and Timely That the Event  Is Being Held At The Cost Of The Room And Food. 
Your Instructors

Dr. Tom Larkin is the founder of Proactive Oral Wellness and is the Dental Director of Bluegrass Preventive Medicine. He is active in teaching advanced preventive techniques for dentists and dental hygienists. His courses "Perio Max" and  "Dental Diagnostics in Support of The Bale Doneen Method" are the first designed​ that specifically transforms the dental office to a state of the oral-systemic approach. He has designed a state of the art chair-side video microscope to help educate patients on the role of bacteria and oral infection. 


Dr. John C. Carrano is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Paratus Diagnostics, a firm he founded that specializes in medical devices for point-of-care diagnostics. Dr. Carrano was previously Vice President, Research & Development at Luminex Corporation (NASDAQ: LMNX). Prior to Luminex, John was as a program manager at DARPA where he led several major Defense Department programs related to bio-sensing. Dr. Carrano was also on the faculty of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the United States Military Academy, and served as the Department Executive Officer. He retired from in the Army in 2005 with over 24 years of decorated service including a variety of command and staff positions worldwide. Dr. Carrano received his B.S. from West Point and his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. He has several patents and over 60 publications and is a Fellow of SPIE. In 2012 he was appointed by Secretary Napolitano to the Department of Homeland Security Science Advisory Board.


Dr. Audra Ward is a board certified Periodontist from Overland Park Kansas. She is also a BaleDoneen endorsed provider and includes approaches of complete health in her periodontal specialty practice. She and Dr. Larkin are both faculty members of The Dental Success Network. In doing her research for adding a laser to her practice. Dr Ward spent nearly a year in evaluating the options available. She will describe that journey and how the Fotona Laser best fit her needs.

thumbnail_David Williams Photo.jpg

David Williams has been heavily involved with the dental industry for over 30 years, with the last 15 focused on lasers in dentistry. "I knew when I got into laser dentistry, I had found something special. When used properly, lasers are a win for everyone; the doctor and the patient." David is currently a regional sales manager for Fotona and the Lightwalker laser, covering the southeastern United States.

You Will Learn About
  • The State of Prevention Today

  • Salivary Diagnostics in dentistry today

  • The use of the Fotona Lightwaker laser in support of a wellness oriented prcatice

You Will Experience

Hands on exposure to the triad of applications that are driving the anti-inflammatory conversation in the oral-systemic space


1. TwinLight - Advanced periodontal treatment applications.

2. Endodontics - PIPS and SWEEPS photo acustic disinfection

3. Sleep - Nightlase for soft palate modifications

Registration 8:00 AM. Begins at 8:30.



Attendance is limited to 20 so please sign up early

1. To Register: Fill out this form then click send:


2. To Pay online click "Pay Now" button below:  any questions call: 402-250-7653


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