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My 100% Money Back Guarantee


                                              Dentistry That Changes Lives

                    My new exclusive 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee:

I know it is a big decision to undertake any type of coaching help. There seems to be a new pitch in a Facebook group almost weekly. This one is different and here is why. If you look into the commonality of the people I work with. They are different. The people that reach out to me are almost all purpose driven individuals. They are looking for Dentistry that Changes LIVES. Both the lives of their patients and also the dental team. In other words for better ways to SERVE their patients. They are not looking for quick ways to make money. They fully understand that better service leads to prosperity so I am rarely asked, whats the ROI?  That is a foregone conclusion.  And  this makes the process so much easier and gratifying for everyone. I do not have to SELL anything. 

That’s why I am starting an unparalleled Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If after the VERY FIRST DAY of implementing the Perio Max program under my personal direction and you do not see a significant improvement in case acceptance and overall excitement over this very unique communication tool, You can box up all my materials and return them for a full refund, no questions asked. With the small number of clients I take on each month (2 to 3) I could not make this offer without a significant amount of confidence. I know of no other offer like this in dentistry. Just purchase the recommended resources from the 3rd party vendors and sign up for Perio Max online

I will mail out hard materials and give you online access to online portion then I will set up a zoom meeting for your office,

3rd Party Materials

  • Buy the plug and play microscope setup. This is a custom configuration that is plug and play out of the box. This was the biggest hurdle that I have had to overcome. There is nothing this user friendly available anywhere and Scott Miller of Microscope Central stands behind it and gives you personal support at any time.


  • This is an awesome Wall Mount that we have used from Amazon.




The only other thing you may need is an appropriate length HDMI cord depending on where in the Operatory you place the microscope.

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