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The Ozone Solution

This is the dental instrument that helped to close thousands of dental offices the week of March 15th, 2020. The message board on the community of which I am a faculty member literally blew up with people ranting about the dangers of dental aerosols and the need to immediately cease practice because of COVID19 and the dangers of transmission to both staff and patients. If you are not familiar with dental aerosols, here is a link to an outstanding article written by a friend of mine, Michelle Strange RDH,BHS,MSPH


I have been a professor and a coach in the oral wellness space for nearly a decade and I have very consistently spoken about the dangers of using tap water in common detail instruments such as a cavitron. Very few people have ever paid attention until this past weekend. That is when the game changed. And it has changed forever. The dental practice post-COVID19 Pandemic will look a lot different than it does today. And it will be safer and healthier for both patients and staff.

Without question, the most impressive dental offices that I have consulted in during the last two years utilized ozonated water systems and ozone gas treatment modalities. It is the perfect antimicrobial for biofilm management in the mouth and in waterlines. It is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and it kills essentially all microbes very efficiently and fast. The literature is massive in support of its use. The only issue with it is technique and preparation. In most instances it requires training. Ozone gas usage has precautions. When you do your due diligence on the internet, you will likely get lost in a morass of sketchy web sites, all over the map protocols and practitioners that frankly will not make you comfortable. Those were my barriers and it had been that way for years. Just like my Breakthru with Scott Miller and the Microscope Solution, I found a Breakthru person for me recently that offered to do a custom configuration and greatly simplify the ozonated water process. I want everyone to deploy ozonated water in their office ASAP to improve the safety of their patients and team members. It is critical now and post COVID-19 pandemic.  If you want to learn more about its usage in root canals and caries treatment, that's fine. But in the interest of time, first things first. Tobias Segal was gracious enough to put this configuration together for me that is for water treatment only, and I will be doing training videos for him as we speak. There is no handpiece, syringes or accessories for gas dispensing. This is a straight forward ozonated water preparation and I will train you online. This is their latest model with a digital timer which you will want.


Oxygen Cylinders are sized by Letter:  D size  425 Liter, E size 680 Liter.

Put on regulator

Hookup the diffuser that is in a flask of distilled water

Set the timer to 20 to 25 minutes.

This will yield a 3-4 ppm solution minimum.  Place the freshly ozonated in Bottles that supply your units.

O3 has a relatively short half like that is increased by chilling water. I would not recommend that because cold water is not comfortable for the patient. In general, the hygienist would fill their bottles twice a day. First thing in the morning then after lunch. For more extensive surgeries, I would make a new batch for each procedure.

Here are a few quick research reads if this is completely new to you.




** If you need a pressurized water bottle source for your cavitron, I have used this one.


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