The Larkin Protocol

What If I Told You I Could Save You 10 Minutes On Your New Patient Exam and Change Your Practice Culture In 1 Day!

Our client list now includes Dental Practices in the United States, Canada, Australia, UK, and Ireland.  The belief that a robust dental hygiene department is foundational to superior restorative outcomes and that dentistry plays a role in an individual's overall well-being is a worldwide phenomena.

Rachel found the magic on how to engage patients in a newly acquired practice that had an almost non-existent periodontal program.


Kate found her groove instantly after being trained in the Larkin protocol. The power of the visual presentation coupled with Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is quickly becoming the gold standard in advanced hygiene.


"The evidence of pathogens swimming and swirling around in full color directly in front of a patient has had the most significant emotional impact I have ever seen in patients"

Scott Cairns DDS

This is the program that has taken hygiene to another level in one of the top producing practices in both Heartland Dental (Dr. Bruce Baird) and a recently completed 90-day pilot program at Pacific Dental Services ( Dr. Scott Cairns). The very best choose the very best!


This is the complete implementation course that contains all the written materials, scripts, and videos to transform your hygiene department in as little as one day!  Plus a 6 Hour comprehensive learning platform that covers microscopy, lasers, ozone, and guided biofilm therapy, GBT.


Step 1. Purchase Microscope and/or monitor

Step 2. Set up a Virtual Implementation appointment 

The course materials will be sent out before the course begins along with login instructions for the learning platform.

New Materials For 2021

  • GBT Guided Biofilm Therapy

  • Ground marketing materials for medical/dental collaboration. Self-published wellness magazine combined with a membership plan

  • Point of care testing

  • The newest biofilm DNA testing

  • Laser training courses

  • Sleep Course training recommendation

  • CBCT implementation recommendation

  • 2 day over the shoulder training

  • The oral-systemic mastermind group 

Course Materials To Include:

CAMBRA Risk assessment chairside sheets

Perio Risk assessment chairside sheets

Perio appointment sequence with codes

New Patient Questionaire

New Patient Interview

Medical History

Caries Risk Form

Hygiene Scripts                           

Oral Systemic Videos

Instructive Laminates

Product List

Caries Products (Carifree)

Recommended Home Care

Office Brochure Sample

Consumer Book

Oral Systemic Consumer Article

A PowerPoint presentation that can be customized to your practice.

1-month follow-up and 2 coaching calls with the hygienist.

This teleconference starts with a one-hour presentation covering all principles of advanced prevention and all materials are then reviewed.  Approximately 2.5 hours total live traing.


The Larkin Protocol Online Training Outline


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