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Delivering WOW And A Little Bit Of POW!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Anissa Holmes at Voices of Dentistry. I met her last year at the first Voices and I remember posting on my wellness blog on ignitedds that this would become the most important conference for our entire profession going forward. I had also made the observation that Dentistry was in dire need of a relevant female leader. There was way too much testosterone in the startup/coaching/podcast worlds. Enter Dr Anissa Holmes. What she has accomplished in the last 12 months is nothing short of amazing and inspiring. Thank you DR. Holmes for your sharing and contributions.

I have also able to put the finishing touches on my new Proactive Oral Wellness portal, POW. The initial response has been very encouraging. Hopefully NOW I can deliver on the WOW!.

Dr Anissa Holmes at Voices of Dentistry

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