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Bale/Doneen Online Dental Course

This comprehensive online course with over 30 videos covers all aspects of the development of a medically integrated advanced prevention dental practice. The shift from the disease/repair model to health and prevention is best accomplished in incremental steps.

  • What three entities are aligning themselves right now to create the "Golden Age of Prevention"?

  • The Cleveland Heart Lab is leading the medical community in "advanced inflammatory testing" and how incorporating the 3 dental risk assessments can propel your practice to an instant leadership position.

  • Using biological concepts and behavioral science to become the healer you set out to be.

  • Risk classification includes biological testing both for periodontal disease, dental caries, and sleep apnea.

  • Microscope setup videos and examples of pathogenic specimens

  • Treatment sequence complete with insurance codes.

  • What clinical products to use in what cases.

  • How the Florida Probe solves several problems at once.

  • LAP vs LANAP laser therapy.

  • Home care product selection.

  • What is bacterial replacement therapy?

  • Flossing is old school technology and research shows contraindicated in most patients.

  • Dependable home care program design.

  • Remineralization therapy.

  • Can remineralization therapy be measured and quantified?

  • Minimally invasive dentistry, is it too aggressive?

  • Nutrition, oxidative stress, bacterial replacement therapy.

  • A doctor who has trained hundreds of physicians who are required to collaborate with a dentist on every patient.

  • What is the Bale Doneen Method?

  • How a TEDMED seminar made me completely rethink the designs of our health care records. Can handouts facilitate behavioral change? My sample included.

  • Laminated handouts that greatly simplify the oral-systemic conversation and oral pH story

  • Dr. Earl Estep's green cards and how he utilized them before "emotional intelligence" and Dr. Cialdini's principles of influence became popular.

  • Insurance companies are looking for you. They are already paying $7500 for a brand new category in prevention.

  • A first of its kind "Dental Wellness Savings Plan" that maximizes interest in your practice and rewards compliance. I have been working on this concept for over 9 years. 

  • 5 Marketing strategies that will quickly and dependably set your practice apart in the wellness space. Over thirty percent of consumers describe themselves as being "green" and 10,000 people a day are turning 65. These 2 factors alone describe a GIGANTIC underserved market that is looking for cost-effective wellness solutions, not in the PPO space.

  • A Powerpoint presentation that will have your audience lined up for your business card afterward.

  • A Facebook ad with a 100% response rate.

  • Google remarketing, a real sweet spot.

  • If I had to choose between a web site and a Youtube channel, I would pick this hands down.

  • One direct mail tip that will save you many times the cost of this entire course.

  • Ten letter templates to physicians that automatically raise your practice to a position of authority and in a way you become the go-to resource for oral-systemic issues.

The BaleDoneen Training Course has been combined with Perio Max and is now Oral Systemic Mastery. 

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