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The Larkin Protocol

Q. What Is The Larkin Protocol?

A. The Early Detection And Management Of Oral         Dysbiosis

With the rate of periodontal disease in adults in excess of 50% and now with the added knowledge of the dangers of chronic inflammatory oral disease to systemic health, it is well past time to try a more comprehensive and proven approach. One that provides an immediate ROI on training and equipment, but most importantly significantly moves the needle in patient engagement, compliance, and clinical outcomes. This is an area that has been stagnate for decades.

The Larkin Protocol involves 4 straightforward steps.  Test, Teach, Treat, Repeat


Microbiological testing in Dentistry has been around for decades. Unfortunately, it is poorly understood, and adaptation rates clinically are very low. We have created a first-of-its-kind online comprehensive learning platform that is complemented by live zoon training (no time out of office) and a robust study club to close the knowledge gap. Ongoing scheduled live conversations on Zoom support all the training. It starts with chairside video microscopy and is complimented by lab-based salivary diagnostics. It is a risk assessment model and no longer can a dental patient leave an office without knowledge of their risk factors.


We tell the oral biofilm story in a way that has never been done before. We use the strong visual impact of video microscopy, intuitive chairside visual aids, and supportive in-office tools like Channel D to drive home the story of biofilm formation, the difference between health and disease, and dysbiosis. No one should leave a dental exam without knowing their caries and periodontal risk. We rewrite the book on Co-diagnosis and put the responsibility squarely on the patient for their condition.


State-of-the-art treatment modalities that include air prophylaxis, guided biofilm therapy (GBT), diode laser therapy, and ozone are presented. We have assembled the most experienced individuals in these areas for our Masters Class Series. We will show you how we save a significant amount of clinical time and roll that back into heightened patient engagement.


Having recare intervals established by insurance companies is one of the most fundamental flaws in all of dentistry and current rates of oral disease prove that. Everyone responds differently to the treatment of a dysbiotic biofilm and we will teach you how to identify and modulate treatment.

We also will be holding periodic live training events called Oral Systemic Mastery. More information on them can be found on


The Larkin Protocol Learning Platforms

The Larkin Protocol Microscopy

  • Newest generation Leica i5 Microscope

  • Training manuals

  • Microscopy supplies

  • Live training program (ZOOM) 3 hours

  • 6 hours of on-demand learning platform

  • Marketing resources

  • Private Facebook group with over 1000 members

  • Monthly Private Cluient meetings

The Larkin Protocol Air Prophylaxis

  • Woodpecker PT-B Air Polishing Unit

  • Live training (ZOOM) 30 minutes

  • 2 hours on on-demand learning platform

  • Private Facebook group with over 1000 members

  • Monthly Private Client meetings

We have dozens of testimonials and financial proformas showing dramatic improvement across multiple KPI's in the hygiene department. Here are a few


Kate found her groove instantly after being trained in the Larkin protocol. The power of the visual presentation coupled with Air Polishing is quickly becoming the gold standard in advanced hygiene.

Rachel found the magic on how to engage patients in a newly acquired practice that had an almost non-existent periodontal program.

The Larkin Protocol Training is by application and a no-cost or obligation consultation. Fill out the online form or book a call directly:

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