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Preventive Intensive 

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Preventive Intensive 
Advanced Heart Attack & Stroke Screening Clinic

We are pleased to announce our next special screening and educational event for physicians, dentists, and healthcare providers. This fast paced curriculum is both instructive and immersive. This is a first of its kind comprehensive medical/dental collaboration to address all potential sources of oral and systemic inflammation.

The Need For A New Paradigm In Executive Health Screening

The BaleDoneen Method is nearly two decades in the making and is the state of the art risk assessment for both long and short term risk for cardiovascular disease. The only preventive approach that fully incorporates the contributions of oral health to overall health. It even comes with a full money back guarantee. 

The most common reaction of recent graduates who have taken the BaleDoneen preceptorship is,"I wonder what my personal risk profile is with this methodology?"  The problem has been that it has been difficult to find a trained physician/dentist team in many geographic locations trained in the protocol. In addition, Dr's Bale and Doneen are booked out well over a year.


Dr Tom Larkin, a dentist and 2013 graduate of the program, approached Dr. Gina Pritchard, one of the most experienced BaleDoneen medical practitioners and asked if she would be interested in conducting a screening event that he had conceived of called the "Preventive Intensive." It would be a one day joint medical/dental BaleDoneen screening and educational event. The first was held in March of 2018 and exceeded everyone's expectations and for some it was life changing. Here are a few testimonials. 

In this comprehensive curriculum, participants will be assisted on their personal journey of knowing their own individual inflammatory risk factors. Personally understanding these approaches will better enable the implementation phase into your individual practice.

7:00 to 11:00     Lab draws and testing

11:00 to 12:00   Introduction, Dr. Gina Pritchard, Dr. Tom Larkin, Dr. Chris Durham

12:00 to 1:00     Lunch/Presentation

1:00 to 2:30       Dental Diagnostics In Support Of Advanced Cardiovascular Prevention

2:30 to 4:00       Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention

4:00 to 5:00       Panel Discussion 


Tim Russert had recently passed a stress test with flying colors and had earnestly followed his doctors' advice on medication, diet, and exercise in hopes of avoiding a heart attack. His sudden death at the age of 58 left many to wondering if anything more could have been done to prevent this tragedy. What killed Mr. Russert was a plaque rupture. A fatty, pimple-like lesion in the coronary artery that burst, and a blood clot formed, that closed the vessel and cut off circulation to part of the heart muscle. It was a typical heart attack. At the time of his death in 2008, Dr. Sidney Smith, professor of medicine at the University of North Carolina and past president of the American Heart Association said. "It's the real dilemma we have in cardiology today, If it was only possible to identify the group at higher short term risk?"

Enter The BaleDoneen Method   
The Preventive Intensive Experience Is Born  
Luke Perry.jpg

Actor Luke Perry passed away last week from a massive stroke at the age of 52.  From all outward appearances, he seemed to be a picture of health. He was working on a new project the day he was stricken. Where there any hidden signals that could have prevented these tragic losses. These are two very high profile examples but countless people suffer on a daily basis from our lack of quality preventive strategies.

Your Instructors

Founder of Bluegrass Preventive Medicine, Dr. Durham has created an innovative model for enhanced health. He has combined the latest science around bioidentical hormone replacement, BaleDoneen cardiovascular prevention and regenerative stem cell therapies to provide state of the art wellness solutions for his patients. 

Founder of the Prevent Clinic, Dr.Gina Pritchard DNP,CNS,ACNP is certified in the BaleDoneen Method and is one of the most experienced BaleDoneen practitioners in the country. Gina travels and speaks as an advocate for early detection and prevention of heart disease, educating people on the importance of heart health.

Dr Tom Larkin is the founder of Proactive Oral Wellness and is the Dental Director of the Prevent Clinic. He is active in teaching advanced preventive techniques for dentists and dental hygienists. His courses "Perio Max" and  "Dental Diagnostics in Support of The Bale Doneen Method" are the first designed​ that specifically transforms the dental office to a state of the oral-systemic approach. He has designed a state of the art chair-side video microscope to help educate patients on the role of bacteria and oral infection. 

You Will Learn About
  • The State of Prevention Today

  • The Bale Doneen Method Implementation Strategies

  • Dental Diagnostics In Support of The Bale Doneen Method

  • How To Transform Your Medical or Dental Practice To A Wellness Center

You Will Experience

A complete diagnostic screening that includes comprehensive blood work through the Boston Heart Diagnostic Laboratory using innovative new comprehensive biomarkers focused on arterial health.

Genomics Assessment - Will provide you with a greater understanding of your specific nutritional, fitness, and lifestyle needs allowing you to optimize your full genetic potential based on your own unique genome. ​

Metabolic Screening

Fasting glucose

Oral glucose tolerance test


Inflammatory Panel






Advanced Lipids



Additional Labs

Vitamin D


Thyroid Panel

Hormone Panel

Advanced Cardiac Markers

Carotid Intima Media Thickness Test - A new and innovative ultrasound that assesses your arterial health

Sleep Apnea Screening

Oral Microslide exam

Oral Biofilm DNA exam

One month followup with Functional Medicine Coach

Attendance is limited to 15 so please sign up early

Please leave your contact information and we will give you the details as to our next event.

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