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Life Saving Dental

Preparing for Health Vs Reacting To Disease

Clinical dentistry today is firmly entrenched in the restorative model. Reacting to the results of disease with technology and restorations. Science is telling us today that the health of the mouth is dramatically affecting our overall health and we must become more proactive in the actual prevention of dental disease. The gauntlet has been thrown down. Are we up to this challenging paradigm shift?

The Pathway To Making Our Patients Independently Healthy

Picture a patient-centered practice connecting with patients through concern, empathy, patience, and the prospect of improved health. A dentist whose role is a health care advocate in a partnership both guiding and educating. Giving patients information and understanding so that they can make good healthcare decisions for themselves. '


To help facilitate your professional

development into a world-class dental hygienist. A career filled with satisfaction, recognition, and

achievement. We are prepared to lay out a precise path, calculate the costs, and handle the training. We also support teams on an ongoing basis with our monthly private client calls.

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Preparing For Health VS Reacting To Disease!

Our Annual Summit

Our annual summit is truly special. Thought leaders from multiple disciplines bring novel solutions.


Zoom Training

We have some remote ZOOM training options available for salivary diagnostics and microscopy

Hands On Clinical Training

We have regularly scheduled hands-on training classes in all advanced protocols


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The Microscope Solution

In the fall of 2017, I solved a very frustrating problem. The video phase contrast microscope was without question the disruptive game-changing technology that I was introducing to progressive practices but the setup that was available was not user friendly at all. It was a very complicated setup out of the box and for an inexperienced person, an absolute headache. To top it off, placing a security camera in the top of a microscope tube was not cutting edge technology. I then began to purchase and test EVERY online scope/monitor/camera/tablet vendor on the market. I needed a plug and play solution. I was down to my very last vendor when the breakthrough occurred. I met an individual with 40 years experience that promised me he could fulfill my desires. He custom built a Wifi enabled, Ipad friendly, clinical grade scope, with NO bells and whistles. The optics are SPECTACULAR! This is for biofilm display only. He removed the costly darkfield and oil immersion objectives that DRAMATICALLY changed the price point. The custom configuration is the  game changer and has enabled cost-saving virtual implementation..    


The Larkin Protocol

One of the unexpected blessings of the Covid19 pandemic was a chance to work virtually in Australia with a brilliant individual named Sue Rusalen. A dental hygienist for over 35 years, Sue was passionate about making a final definitive statement to her career. She chose my work as a template on how to elevate the profession of the dental hygienist and bring prevention to the forefront of that conversation. One year later and dozens of implementations, I can safely say I have never met anyone as determined and relentless in reaching her goals. She calls it "The Larkin Protocol"  and I modestly approve.     


Your Coaching Staff


Dr. Tom Larkin is the founder of Proactive Oral Wellness (, After attending the BaleDonnen preceptorship in 2013, he designed the first and only web-based training for dental phase-contrast microscopy and advanced prevention. An expert in dental start-ups and acquisitions, Dr. Larkin works closely with practices that desire to make the shift to wellness models. His collaboration With Dr. Czubiak has resulted in a new podcast and training events to raise the level of expertise among a growing community of dental practitioners seeking more career and personal satisfaction.

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