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Core Beliefs

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We believe that our patients deserve the very best that current science has to offer them.

We believe that a relationship-based, patient-centered model provides maximum outcomes for the health of patients, staff, and doctors.


We believe that biological assessment should always come before restorative care.

We believe that our patients want to participate in their health and wellness journey with the entire dental team acting as their health care advocates.

Our beliefs make sense. We have personally freed hundreds of patients from the scourges of oral disease and significantly impacted their overall health. But can we translate that into an actionable course of action that can dovetail into most existing dental practices? You might be surprised.

Lasting Change

Lasting change requires disruptive concepts, courage to take on critics and naysayers.

Lasting change requires a shift in the traditional perspective that says simple exposure to logical information leads to learning. 

Ultimately, we must challenge our core values surrounding purpose, money and time.

Does the mark that we leave in this world matter? Is a selfless pursuit and desire to become the healer that we initially set out to be attainable?

Come join our journey, meet purpose-driven individuals that are making huge impacts in their tiny slice of the world.

The Journey begins here...



Changing existing belief systems takes courage, vision, and execution. Can we take a tiny existing market share and make it significant?


Can we make it stick?


Lasting change requires meticulous planning and relentless execution.


Lasting change requires a clear vision and an intuitive educational platform.

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